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Latest news & highlights

June 2015
Vacancy: Seeking 1 PhD student for development of X-ray sensors.

October 2012
Vacancies: Seeking 2 PDRAs for TES-based X-ray sensors.

January 2012
Molecular quantum computing gets Chem Soc Rev cover story!

August 2011
Two new PRL publications!

June 2011
Vacancy: open call for Ph.D. studentiships.

June 2011
Molecular coolers get Angew. Chem. back-cover story!

May 2011
Vacancy: Job offer for an Applied Scientist.

May 2011
New VIP communication to Angewandte Chemie.

March 2011
New cover story in Chemistry: A European Journal!

December 2010
Heraldo de Aragón: El lugar más frío de España.

December 2010
Molecular coolers get (also) Chemical Science cover story!

November 2010
Nanotechweb highlights our last work on ferritin-based magnetic nanoparticles.

November 2010
Aragón Investiga on molecular coolers.

October 2010
RSC Chemical Science Blog on Co-Gd coolers.

August 2010
Molecular coolers get JACS cover story! Highlighted by EIMM and SINC.

May 2010
Heraldo de Aragón: Nanosized superconductors and on-chip microrefrigerators based on molecular nanomagnets.

April 2010
El Periódico de Aragón: ICMA investigating on quantum technologies, by David Zueco.

March 2010
Summer school on neutron scattering techniques in nano and bio sciences, in Jaca.

March 2010
The CSIC press higlights the Physics.APS highlighting our last PRB!!

February 2010
A. Camón and M. Evangelisti interviewed by the "Heraldo de Aragón" on current situation in helium-3 shortage.

February 2010
New communication to Angewandte Chemie: "A Liquid-Crystalline Single-Molecule Magnet with Variable Magnetic Properties".

February 2010
Physics.APS higlights our last PRB!

December 2009
Nature Chemistry highlights our last Angewandte Chemie!

September 2009
New communication to Angewandte Chemie: "A Calix[4]arene 3d/4f Magnetic Cooler".

August 2009
New letter to Nature Physics: "Direct observation of melting in a two-dimensional superconducting vortex lattice".

Molecular Chips

MolChip investigates the fundamental properties of Molecular Magnets likewise their potential application in Quantum Information Processing and Magnetic Refrigeration. The key strength of MolChip is the integration of multiple disciplines:

  synthesis and processing of molecular materials (bottom-up), 
  design and fabrication of sensors and experimental tools adapted to the nanoscale (top-down), 
  use of sophisticated techniques for physical detection. 

The activities are coordinated through a National Project (MAT2012-38318-C03) funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness logo Ministerio 
MolChip groups physicists and chemists from the Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Aragón and Instituto de Nanociencia de Aragón, both located in Zaragoza, and is officially recognized as a "Consolidated Group" by the Government of Aragón logo DGA 

molecular chips